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Custom Web Application | 2016 - ongoing

Port Authority Rijeka

Public sector

In the maritime hub of Rijeka, the need for streamlined port management has never been more critical. To address this, we've developed a software solution tailored specifically for the Port Authority of Rijeka, designed to modernise how port traffic, berths, and utility consumption are managed.

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Client overview

The Port of Rijeka Authority manages and develops the Port of Rijeka and its surrounding areas, focusing on strategic planning and infrastructure improvement. 

As a crucial non-profit entity, it oversees port operations, grants concessions for economic activities, and drives development to bolster the port's role as a significant hub in the northern Adriatic.

 Integrated into the European TEN-T network, the Port of Rijeka is enhancing its connectivity and efficiency, aiming to become a leading intermodal center that supports the region's economic growth and international transport needs.


Transitioning from traditional to digital operations, the Port of Rijeka Authority faced challenges in data integration, automating manual processes, enabling real-time information access, and developing mobile solutions for field staff. 

Additionally, integrating disparate systems, training staff for new digital tools, and ensuring cybersecurity and regulatory compliance presented hurdles. These efforts were essential in transforming the Port of Rijeka into a more efficient, accessible, and competitive entity in the global maritime landscape.


The digital solution implemented for the Port of Rijeka Authority enhanced port management by focusing on real-time operations, seamless third-party integrations, comprehensive accounting features, and a mobile application. This transformation was designed to drastically reduce data entry mistakes, ensuring high levels of data integrity and operational efficiency.

Moreover, the software automated routine activities that occur monthly, streamlining tasks that previously consumed considerable time and resources. Overall, the solution provided to the Port of Rijeka Authority represents a holistic approach to digital transformation in port management, emphasising user accessibility, data accuracy, and the efficient automation of repetitive tasks.

The outcome

The web application developed for the Port of Rijeka Authority represents a significant leap forward in port management technology. Hosted on a cloud-based platform with a robust failover infrastructure, it guarantees high availability and uptime, critical for the continuous operation of port activities.

The application encompasses a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline port management processes. These include a "Work Order Book," a detailed list of activities (maneuvers), statistics on maneuvers, and a module for shore supervisors. It also offers inspection reports, berth management, and the monitoring and recording of electricity and water consumption. Users can access a database of vessels and their owners, along with managing berths/moorings and the authorities responsible for them. The system oversees port basins under the jurisdiction of the Port of Rijeka Authority, including agent and concessionaire management and a cruise management module.

Moreover, the system is equipped with detailed user privilege management capabilities, allowing for the creation of various user levels with fine-grained access controls. External users are also supported, with read-only access to certain data, ensuring flexibility and security in information dissemination.

This application not only enhances operational efficiency but also minimizes errors through its intuitive interface and automation of monthly activities. It serves as a pivotal tool in modernising port operations, catering to the needs of all users, from port managers to external stakeholders.



Mobile application

The mobile application is a key component of the digital solution provided to the Port of Rijeka Authority, designed specifically to empower shore supervisors with on-the-go capabilities. This intuitive app enables supervisors to efficiently enter and access crucial data directly from the field. Key functionalities include:

  • Vessel Information: Supervisors can quickly log details about vessels currently docked at the port, including their names, sizes, and berth locations.
  • Maneuver Tracking: The app allows for real-time entry and monitoring of vessel maneuvers, providing a comprehensive view of maritime movements within the port.
  • Utility Consumption Recording: Supervisors can record the consumption of utilities such as electricity and water by each vessel. 

The mobile app is designed with the user in mind, featuring an easy-to-navigate interface that simplifies data entry and retrieval. By providing shore supervisors with the tools they need to manage port operations remotely, the app significantly enhances operational efficiency and accuracy.


The integration capabilities of the software solution for the Port of Rijeka Authority are a testament to its versatility and comprehensiveness. Data generated and managed within the system is utilized across multiple platforms to ensure that information flow is seamless and efficient, catering to both operational needs and public information dissemination.

Public Information Displays: The software integrates with the port's arrival/departure screens located within the terminal, displaying current, live information about vessel movements to travelers. This feature enhances the travel experience by keeping passengers informed about the real-time status of maritime traffic.

Port Authority Website Integration: Further extending its utility, the system feeds live data to the Port of Rijeka Authority's website, showcasing detailed information about port occupancy. Visitors to the site can access up-to-the-minute details on vessel maneuvers, including names, types, lengths, and other relevant ship information. This transparency ensures that the public and potential port users are well-informed about port activities. The integration in action can be viewed here

Accounting Software Integration: Beyond public-facing features, the solution integrates with the Port Authority's accounting software, streamlining financial operations. It enables the creation of invoices for port maneuvers in real-time, facilitating accurate and timely billing. Moreover, a monthly automation feature generates bulk invoices for vessels that spend extended periods anchored in the port, simplifying the accounting process for both the Port Authority and maritime operators.

These integrations demonstrate the software's ability to not only improve port operations internally but also enhance the communication and service quality provided to external stakeholders and the general public.


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