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Custom Website Design | 2020 - Ongoing


Public sector

HZZO, Croatia’s national healthcare system ensures access to medical services for its citizens by administering and funding key aspects of the country's healthcare system.

  • Website development
  • Website design
  • Consulting
  • Analytics
  • Business consulting
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Client Overview

HZZO, the Croatian Health Insurance Fund is a public institution managed and

supervised by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, specifically the Ministry of Health. The aim of this public service is to utilize the financial resources of its insured members to provide better healthcare for all its users. Additionally, its role includes providing timely and quality information primarily to citizens, as well as to other public administration bodies and businesses. To achieve this goal, in line with established e-service practices in public administration, modern information technologies were employed to develop a high-quality website.



HZZO had an existing website; however, after conducting surveys of internal and external users of the website (employees and clients), Hexis determined that it did not meet the needs of both. Multiple changes were required to elevate it to the standards of modern web presence, and Hexis undertook this task. Some of the existing issues were the following: 

  1. Inadequate user experience and accessibility on the original HZZO website.
  2. Failure to meet modern web standards and user expectations.
  3. Insufficient navigation and mobile optimization.
  4. Lack of compliance with accessibility guidelines.
  5. Security and scalability concerns with the existing platform.


Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analyses were done on the data collected from the surveys to come up with solutions to the existing challenges. 

  1. Quantitative and qualitative data processing for actionable insights.
  2. Redesigned site structure for improved navigation and user experience.
  3. Optimization for mobile devices and introduction of accessibility features.
  4. Migration to Drupal for enhanced security, performance, and scalability.
  5. Technical upgrades in server quality leveraging AWS services.


The implementation of the changes brought to life a user-friendly website with the following characteristics. 

  1. Transition to AWS services for improved server quality and reliability.
  2. Drupal migration led to better security and website performance.
  3. Exceptional SEO optimization resulting in high Google performance scores.
  4. Substantial increase in traffic by 89.47% post-implementation.
  5. Enhanced accessibility, user engagement, and overall website performance demonstrated tangible outcomes for the client.

In conclusion, the transformation of HZZO's website resulted in a substantial increase in traffic, emphasizing improved accessibility, user experience, performance, security, and optimization. The project's success highlights the impact of strategic redesign, technical enhancements, and a user-centric approach in achieving tangible outcomes for the client.


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