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Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

In this post, we'll share our top picks for learning digital marketing—from Google Digital Garage's comprehensive training to hands-on social media strategies with Constant Contact's Social Media 101.

Starting a career in marketing has never been easier. Nowadays, you don’t need to get a bachelor’s degree in marketing to gain knowledge of it, especially when it comes to digital marketing. The best way, besides working in the marketing field you are interested in, is to learn by taking up courses, reading free e-books, watching videos, or listening to podcasts on the topics you are interested in.

There is no question that there is a huge advantage of having so many free materials, e-books, courses, podcasts, videos from which you can learn skills such as copywriting, SEO, SEM, content creating, social media management, etc. On the other hand, having so many free courses to choose from, can make it difficult to navigate your way through the subject. There is simply no easy way of knowing which ones to choose.

For this reason in this post we will be sharing with you our favorite courses which we recommend to you.

1. Google Digital Garage


Whether you are an individual who seeks better employment opportunities, or a business owner who plans to launch his business online, Google Digital Garage is a great overall course on digital marketing.

This 40-hour course created and provided by Google, covers a wide range of topics such as, content marketing, online advertising, or selling products online and others. The course consists of chapters which are divided into bite-sized video lessons and quizzes after each lesson. The videos are interesting, dynamic, and showcase the usage of digital marketing in real life. It also provides illustration, how businesses which embraced digital marketing have increased their sales and made other positive changes in their business.

Google Digital Garage will cover the basics of SEM, SEO, content marketing, social media platforms, online advertising and; analytics. Upon completion of all the tasks and assessments you will receive a Google Digital Garage certification.

2. Google Online Marketing Challenge


Google Online Marketing Challenge is a course designed specifically for students. It focuses on implementing the acquired knowledge in online marketing campaigns for real non-profit businesses. Students form teams of 2-5 members to review Online Marketing Training build their digital skills, and pass Search Certification Exam, and Measurement Certification Exam. Then, the teams partner up with Ad Grants nonprofit companies, and use the free Google Ad Grants advertising budget of $10 000 to create an online business strategy. After executing their strategy for four weeks, students come up with a Post Campaign Analysis and future recommendations which they give to their nonprofit partner.

3. Social Media 101 by Constant Contact

This course teaches you how to build your social media presence, step by step, across various platforms. Not only does it give you how-to guides and a glossary of all the terms used in the course, but also focuses on giving their students a lot of practical knowledge on how to manage their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Google My Business, and LinkedIn profiles. Because posting on various social media accounts can be quite time-consuming, Constant Contract offers free tools for creating, posting, and scheduling your social media posts. Besides, you can track the analytics of your posts and learn how to further improve your social media activity.

4. HubSpot Aacademy


HubSpot Academy offers digital marketing courses in nearly every subject allowing you to get a certification upon finishing it. From advertising to growth marketing, HubSpot Academy offers a wide range of courses dedicated to beginner marketers. It includes guides, webinars, and offers free social media editorial calendar templates which you can use for creating your monthly social media plan. Finishing one of these courses will not only look good on your resume, but will also give you a great base for the more advanced digital marketing lessons to come.

5. SEMRush Academy


SEMRush is a great SEM and SEO marketing tool. Also, it offers free courses to improve your marketing skills and knowledge. There are beginner courses and advanced ones for those who want to know more. From SEO fundamentals, technical SEO, keyword research, backlink management to content marketing, SEMRush Academy is a powerful player in the field and offers certification as well.

6. Facebook Blueprint


Facebook Blueprint is Facebook’s official online training course which focuses on marketing on Facebook and Instagram. By covering topics such as creating ads, managing Facebook and Instagram business accounts, creating offers and discounts for your audience, how to inspire your audience to take action it offers relevant knowledge whether you are a beginner or an advanced marketer. Facebook Blueprint is structured in a very broad manner, allowing you to take up a course with a specific topic, or completing the full course and receiving a certificate.

Learning from other more experienced marketers is a sensible approach to the acquisition of knowledge, and the difference will soon show between yourself and other beginners. Take advantage of this post, and enroll yourself in a free online course in the field of marketing you are most interested in.

One other source you can use to improve your knowledge in digital marketing is our blog. Some of our recent blog posts covered topics of SEO and social media marketing. Feel free to check them out!

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