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About us

Innovators crafting custom tech solutions

Hexis is a software development agency with team members from different parts of Europe and the world. Our diverse team makes bringing your ideas to life easy no matter where you’re from or who your target audience is.

We make your vision a reality starting with consulting and ending with tailor-made software.

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Our journey


Hexis came to life in 2014 when three people decided to merge several privately owned businesses and create the ultimate software solution destination for medium to large scale businesses worldwide.


In 2015 Hexis signed deals with prominent startups such as Soundreef and Chupamobile. The same year we grasped the opportunity to venture into the travel industry which was just starting to boom in Croatia, and struck deals with prominent NGOs, creating a stable client base.


In 2016 we added another focus point into our business plan. We found our way into Western Europe and North America! One of our first international clients was The Hunt Foundation from the USA who’s still with us to this day.


In (year) we added new employees into our team who were specialized in different software development languages and had expertise in different fields. This enabled us to work on bigger projects and take on more clients at once. It was a positive turning point for Hexis, which paved the way for better opportunities.


By (year) we had completed countless projects for different clients which could be merged and grouped into three main groups - Tourism sector, Public sector, and Maritime sector. This is when we realized we’ve become experts in finding solutions for these three main groups, and that new clients from these sectors were being referred to us by word of mouth.


In (date) we sailed our first project for (company name) which needed a custom solution to help with day to day operations. 

A wise man once said that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. And in our case, an already established custom operating and booking management systems in the maritime industry wouldn’t have made us specialists in this field.


In (date) we got several new clients from the tourism sector which enabled us to see the missing keys that would open better doors in the industry. These projects lead to us developing our custom booking management system which is currently being used by several clients in Croatia.


In (date) we got our first deal from two of the most prominent IGOs; UNHCR and IOM. This is when we learned about the ins and outs of the public sector and specialized in creating custom software solutions for NGOs, IGOs and GOs, and many other non-profit and for-profit organizations.


We currently specialize in three main sectors - Public sector, Tourism sector, and the Maritime sector. 

Having successfully finished countless projects in each sector we can easily say that we’re experts in finding software gaps in the way businesses are being run and finding solutions to fill in each gap, making operations easy, smooth, and efficient.


At Hexis, we're dedicated to using technology to create positive change, streamline businesses, and build a better digital future.

Siniša Valentić, Co-founder & CEO
Krevatin Marco Polo HZZO ACI UNHCR MCE Lurssen IOM Luka Rijeka SPH
Why choose Hexis?

Where experience meets vision

At Hexis we build your software from the ground up based on your wants, needs, and everything in between. Each member of our team is assigned to a specific project in a specific industry, making them always available and focused on our clients.
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