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After years of experience in tourist business, TourISTRA agency decided on the new online identity.

Following their existent visual identity we created a new website for many future tourist seasons.

* Front-end technologies: Bootstrap, SASS, Javascript, jQuery
* Back-end technologies: Phalcon, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Elasticsearch, Amazon S3


Since they manage a large number of accommodation listings, the number one mission was to make administration clear, quick and simple.

Otherwise, there is a greater chance for mistakes, and the mess in the booking system equals some pretty angry guests (which we wouldn’t wish upon anyone). So, we put ourselves in the shoes of a tourist administrator who manages hundreds of reservations daily and researched their needs.


However, tourism is not exclusively a summer job. As a part of the same domain, we have created a separate winter section for winter tourism. Although separated from the summer section, it offers the same functionalities as the first one and can both be managed in the joint administration which makes life easier for the administrator.

We have created the flat calendar option that enables administrators to do date blocking, quick booking and to have a parallel view of the accommodations. The calendar also shows all the reservations for each accommodation, and spots in the schedule can be easily spotted.

Another key requirement was the link with other booking sites using rAdmin application. Furthermore, for each listing the admin can assign whether it can be booked directly or via the request form.


But, why would only administrators have it easy? The presentation of accommodation is designed with guests’ needs in mind and we have given priority to the content essential for the vacation. (After all, it does usually happen only once a year.)

The map shows points of interest and their distance from the chosen accommodation, which helps with the decision which apartment to book. A small step for the hosts, but giant help for the visitors.

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