Seafarers’ Union of Croatia

The smooth sail through the members' data


The Seafarers' Union of Croatia approached us to build them a platform for managing members, memberships, historical data like payments, companies, ships, etc. Not an easy task, but the one we dived into with great enthusiasm.

Our focus was to provide an intuitive interface powered by a quick and optimised search engine, since the client insisted on easy access to filtered membership data.

* Front-end technologies: CSS, Javascript, jQuery
* Back-end technologies: Phalcon 2.0, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis, Elasticsearch


We have built a search engine that:

  • intuitively and quickly extracts a subset of members by specified criteria.
  • is developed upon elastic search engine.
  • is fully customised.
  • has a response time for any filter measured in microseconds.
  • can provide results based on multiple criteria


The client expressed the need for organised data on each member in their registry that will compile all the information related to an individual.

We produced a system that will record all the necessary historic data about members, even the membership fee payments with dates and amounts, including an additional note on when the payment slip was printed. Using a simple interface the user can either enter historic data about a company/ship or just change the company while the system automatically notes the historic change, making each change transparent.

The system also offers an overview of changes in member’s professional history with dates and referenced companies, ships or even rank changes providing invaluable information for future reference.


One of the greatest challenges was to create a simple interface for exporting and printing all relevant data. Challenge accepted and mission accomplished. We achieved that any page containing member information can be printed together with specific header design of the SPH letterhead.

Furthermore, we have developed a way to print membership card details on a specific type of printer that provides a plastic, card-like print. On the other hand, slips are printed on a specific type of paper so we made sure to position the elements properly and provide a QR code for payment, allowing one-click payments for all members.


  • Advanced email templating system enabling administrators to send personalised emails to multiple users.
  • Redis cache system to postpone time-consuming non-critical operations.
  • Bookmark functionality allowing the users to bookmark any page (including applied filters) and naming it for future use.
  • Various logging and security features.
  • A multi-language option for the interface.
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