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Hello, my name is Norbert Stadler, your new desk. And what a desk!

Mr. Norbert has specialized in interior technology and offers desks for trading rooms and control rooms, architects, engineers and all who need more than one screen on their workstation. The reference list is impressive which proves that Mr. Norbert knows what it means to require multi-monitor desk

* Front-end technologies: Foundation Framework, Javascript, jQuery * Back-end technologies: Zend Framework, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis


Taking into consideration that the mentioned jobs have many differences and each position is complex in its own way, the application enables the user to design a desk according to their needs.

One can choose the size of the desk, number of monitors, electronic or network panel, lighting, desktop color and similar. Every chosen option is immediately seen on the preview so the user knows exactly what his future desk will look like. Even if someone doesn’t know what a given option means, a mouseover will illustrate which part of the desk is in question.


After designing, all that’s left is to pay and wait for it to be produced. When you are done creating your dream desk, Mr. Norbert sends you an offer for your creation. (And here is when users decide they don’t need that many options after all.)

For those less creative, it is possible to hire Norbert and his team for design and implementation of the products into your workspace.

So, you finally have an answer for all those who are suspicious of your need for more screens – just send them to Mr. Norbert.

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