Istra Expert

Talk is cheap, but the photos speak volumes


The guests are welcomed on the homepage with nearly full-screen photographs that slide horizontally, and similar technology is used on the webpage dedicated to each villa individually. Another feature often connected with luxury is simplicity.

Large scale photographs are followed by minimum amount of textual content, and still, everything is perfectly clear. The key information about the accommodation (number of rooms, capacity, distances and so on) is presented through simple but very comprehensible symbols.

* Front-end technologies: Bootstrap, SASS, Javascript, jQuery * Back-end technologies: Phalcon, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Elasticsearch, Amazon S3


Istra Expert is a tourist agency specializing in luxury, or to be more exact, in villas and apartments most of us can only read about in magazines. Since luxury is (understandably) often accompanied by higher price tags, the guest who considers renting such a high end lodging should be given a detailed view of the accommodation.

To that end, the website is based on high resolution photographs that communicate luxurious vacation through each and every pixel.


Last but not least, the site offers its content in different languages, and each has its own local web domain. Since everything is done to suit the guest, this little detail helps make guests looking for summer residence feel at home.

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