A personal discount assistant


Indigo intuitively and clearly displays sales statistics for each registered customer and makes additions and modifications extremely simple.

With such a shopping experience, anyone can become a shopaholic!

* Front-end technologies: Foundation, SASS, Javascript, jQuery
* Back-end technologies: PHP, MySql, Elastic search, Zend Framework, MSSQL connector


For devoted shopaholics, Indigo is a big deal. Finally there is something that encourages their spending habits, because the more they buy – the more discounts they receive. To sum up, Indigo is a customer relationship management tool which monitors the customers’ habits and offers discounts accordingly.


For shop assistants, using Indigo could not be simpler. The app is used as an addition to the cash register app. It is linked to the warehouse and new products can be added in a few clicks. When a customer pays for the bought goods, the staff member scans the item’s barcode once more and fills in the customer’s personal information. From then on, the app monitors their shopping history and rewards it with various benefits (e.g. every fifth item is half-price, etc.).

With the data base of loyal customers, it would be a pity not to inform them of sales and special offers. The app enables shop to send such information via email or post. It also allows them to define special discounts.

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