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When you are a guest looking for summer accommodation, the two things you want are clarity and ease of reservation. (And definitely not the organizational structure of the tourist agency!)

* Front-end technologies: Bootstrap, SASS, Javascript, jQuery
* Back-end technologies: Phalcon, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Elasticsearch, Amazon S3


Since they have two branches – offices in Malinska and in Njivice – each listed accommodation falls under one of those offices. It seems complicated, and maybe it is, but the word “complicated” should by no means be among the user’s first associations. Or second. Or last. So, with the motto No complications we started the work on the site.
To get even deeper in the matter, each request/booking is managed by the office where that specific accommodation has been listed. They create the listing, edit it, handle communication and so on.

However, the staff can choose to transfer the communication regarding their listing to the other office (in case of the crowded schedule, vacation…), naturally, without the guest ever suspecting something is out of the ordinary.


The second motto we worked by was Events, Events, Events. Aside form accommodation, the user can view all nearby events throughout the season. The guest can select the time period and accommodation first and then see what’s happening there at that time, or choose an event to their liking and book accommodation accordingly.

The future events can be seen on a separate list and filtered by category, and each is marked on the Google map. The agency always sends everyone the list of events according to their booking, even if they haven’t searched for it. Just in case.

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