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Chupamobile is an e-commerce platform where anyone - regardless of their design or development skills - can buy app or game templates ready to be easily customised and put on the market. We took over its development in 2012 and have continued to improve it ever since.

Along with introduction of numerous small elements and bug fixes, we have implemented some notable features. Below are some of them (in chronological order).

In our early collaborative days, we were asked to redesign:

  • the Author Registration form with live sidebar
  • the Author Profile page

Since Chupamobile platform started growing in number of users and in popularity, bigger interventions were in order.


We implemented:

  • complete redesign and re-code of the website (fully responsive), including wish list feature, search suggestions with product preview, etc.
  • faster and more secure upload and download, with reduced user waiting time

* Front-end technologies: Foundation Framework, Sass, Compass, Javascript, jQuery
* Back-end technologies: Yii Framework, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis

After the big redesign, we have continued to refine the website to this day. Further improvements include:

  • Implementation of multi-language option
  • SEO optimized url structure
  • Refined Author Report (graphically presented statistics on sales, earnings, activity, etc.)
  • Lazy load images – delaying the load of non-essential images resulting in faster website
  • Detailed error reporting and various statistics
  • Functional testing with reports of any unexpected issues
  • Introduction of email templating system
  • Addition of advanced product filters
  • Redesign of grid view and introduction of list view
  • General server and security improvements
  • Implementation of anti-fraud system
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