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Both our clients and us strongly believe in obstacle-free communication so we strived to achieve the utmost clarity when it came to the presentation of each accommodation and its location.

Furthermore, the site lacks other secondary content such as flashy banners that distract the visitor. It focuses on what the visitor came to find - accommodation and basic info.

* Front-end technologies: Bootstrap, SASS, Javascript, jQuery
* Back-end technologies: Phalcon, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Elasticsearch, Amazon S3


When we daydream about our ideal vacation, each of us pictures something different. Some look for loads of activities for kids, others wish not to see (or hear!) a child on their vacation; some opt for adrenaline-boosting activities, others long for a beach as far away from the civilization as possible with room for only one towel – their own.

The team from Cappelli tourist agency realizes and respects those differences so they asked us to take them into consideration when creating their new website. Good thinking.


We have designed and developed the site which filters accommodation search results according to price, rating or distance from the beach, so that each visitor finds the place to their liking.


Our above mentioned concept accompanied by the clear and user-friendly design very soon resulted in the increased number of reservations and more business for the agency. Visitors happy. Client happy. Us happy. Mission accomplished.

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