SEABOB Jet Australia

Virtual tropical Jet adventure

UX Development

Working on Australian rent-an-underwater-jet website was a real thrilling adventure.

Design was done by our partners on the project and their idea was to make the website resemble a work of graphic art. Instead of a standard navigation, we have a mad ride through the website.

* Front-end technologies: JavaScript, jQuery

* Back-end technologies: Phalcon 2, MySql, nginx, PHP (PHP FPM)

A mad ride through the website

The graphic offers numerous clickable hotspots that inform the visitor about renting the jet, the ride, location, company, etc.

By clicking on the hotspot you open a modal window with more information on the subject, while by clicking elsewhere you get a preview of all hotspots at once.

Site down under

The booking system offers the possibility of renting the jet in several different locations while showing the selected route with prices.

We developed the Gallery in a way
that it has the look and feel of a tablet

The animation on the page is also done by Hexis and we have tried to make them blend in with the surroundings of an Australian beach.
For all of us who are far away from the land down under, there is plenty of fun in diving into and exploring the site instead of the underwater.