17 Oct 2019

Villa Margaret – The Privacy of a Villa with the Luxury of a Hotel


Client and project information

After three decades of successfully operating as a bed and breakfast, Villa Margaret was completely refurbished in 2015. It now opens its doors as a premium four-star hotel. Well-equipped rooms and apartments that combine the privacy of a small family hotel with friendly and accommodating staff make Villa Margaret a unique experience. Local Mediterranean cuisine delicacies with fresh ingredients straight out of the hotel’s very own garden are sure to make your stay unforgettable.

Despite involvement with many projects in the tourism industry, Villa Margaret is a true standout. It splendidly combines the best of a private luxury villa along with the best of a four-star hotel. On the one hand, there is a peaceful family atmosphere and an individualized approach to every guest, while on the other, all the premium services one would expect from a modern premium hotel: spa, pool, Mediterranean cuisine delicacies, etc.




Our approach

Considering the exclusivity of the villa, its online presence needed to convey a similar sense of exclusivity. Hexis modified the entirety of its system according to the design and functionality principles of Villa Margaret. Hexis designed and created a specific calendar for hotel accommodation which conveys the ease of booking a stay at Villa Margaret with the very first click. The guests can select and book their favourite room, with each one being truly magical. For those who plan other activities when vacationing, the website offers a listing of nearby events in local-area towns. Although, we can’t imagine someone ever willingly leaving Villa Margaret!




Result in numbers, facts and figures

The Villa Margaret website went live on the 1st of May, 2018. To date, there have been 2797 inquiries and 2258 bookings. This represents a conversion rate of 80%. Due to the implementation of the new booking system, Hotel Villa Margaret managed to increase direct sales (bookings) on their web page. By doing so they decreased their reliance on and other similar services thereby directly improving their bottom line. Villa Margaret continues to actively work on webpage content, SEO and SEM marketing throughout the year.



More information about this project you can find here.


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