19 Aug 2020

Social Networking During a Pandemic

Social events, in the 2020, have been canceled due to the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Gatherings, events, and conferences are usually, the way people connect. Getting in touch with potential clients, and other professionals from the industry, in person, has been limited. How to still achieve interactions in the business world, and staying safe at the same time?

In these times there are few ways we can connect with each other, and these ways will be covered in this post. These tips will help you spread brand awareness, attract new clients, and stay in contact with other professionals.

5 ways to connect during a pandemic

1. Creating content for your digital channels

In case your website still doesn’t have a blog section, maybe this is the time to add one! Blog posts are a great way to showcase your projects and share tips to your audience. This can also serve as your portfolio, with which you can attract your potential customers. Add content on your blog at least once a week. By having a post on your site on the same day each week, your audience will know when to expect a new post. In your posts you can offer a case study about your projects, or an article about a certain topic. If you have a Youtube channel you can attach the link in the post. This will give you more views on both channels.

Social media has proven its importance during the pandemic. Not only do consumers come to social media to find a product or a service, businesses have social media accounts so they can attract potential consumers. It is important to post at least three times a week on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Social media is a great way to create brand awareness and give special offers to your customers. In case you need tips on social media marketing check out our post on this topic.


Social media applications

2. Posting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest business social media network. Using it to post content about your current position on the market as a business, our an individual, will help attract new connections and followers. By doing so consistently, you will be creating your audience. Do you remember the saying “Your network is your net worth”? This applies to LinkedIn connections as well. Every new connection is a new opportunity. Being patient and posting regularly is the only way you can convert your connections into your clients.

3. E-Commerce

During a period in the beginning of 2020, only certain types of stores were allowed to be open. This encouraged many businesses to open their own online store, so they can sell their products. E-commerce is a great way to provide your customers with your products or services 24/7. By opening an online store you might experience reduction of your expenses. This will require an investment, but it can potentially increase in your sales. Creating e-commerce websites is one of our services we offer at Hexis, so if you are in a need of an online store, feel free to contact us.

4. Organizing events and meetings online

Networking with your potential clients and other professionals in your industry on events is out of question for now.  Focusing on the “new normal” way of connecting through social media platforms and online communication technologies such as Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams, is key. These networks have allowed professionals to meet with their clients, coworkers, and other industry professionals. Hosting an online event can be very exciting, and it can get you connected with your clients and colleagues.

The advantages of creating an online event are endless. First of all, the cost of creating an event through an online platform is significantly lower, because online platforms are free. Since reducing your expenses is always the ultimate goal, this will allow you to achieve it. Secondly, anyone can join the event from any location. Your potential clients will reduce their costs, and save their time, whilst still attending your event. Attracting more people to your event will give you the opportunity to have more potential clients.

When its time bigger conferences will be allowed, and then you can even use our HexaEvent app. This app is an event planner app that offers the participants a multifunctional tool for networking according to the interests they input.  It can be used for scanning event tickets, and exchange business cards.

5. Online communication in the office

Preventing contact between others is the key to preventing the virus from spreading. In order to still keep in touch with your coworkers whilst still maintaining the communication, we use Slack. Some of our coworkers work remotely, and that is why it is of great importance for all of as to have online communication. During the pandemic the risk of getting the virus is high for all of us. In case someone needs to go into quarantine, they can still work from home whilst staying connected with their colleagues.


Coworkers working together in the office

No matter how you connect during this time, we urge you to stay safe and protect yourself, as well as everyone around you!

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