10 Dec 2019

Website with a Booking System for Novalja Turist Agency


About the project

For more than an entire year, Novalja Turist agency hadn’t had one direct booking through their website. They continued to pay commissions to other online travel portals. However, a few days after the launch of the new website built by Hexis, the agency collected four direct bookings.

Thier website is not just a fully-functional website with a booking system – the site it is continually optimised for Google. Search Engine Optimization is done both for the website itself but also for each client on the site through consultation and advice.

Each website is encrypted and has its own domain name. This complete approach has brought many achievements including an increased number of visitors to the site as well as ensuring that those visiting the site fit the demographics targeted by Novalja and their clients.


Website redesign

The look and feel of the new Novalja Turist booking website is designed for younger audiences. This can be seen immediately through the color choices and the interactive home page. Turquoise blue gives the website a modern look and summer-time feeling. The magenta theme goes really well with the turquoise, lifting the website and giving it a dose of positive energy. Novalja Turist welcomes users with apartment offers, but goes beyond that by offering much more! Users can also check out the latest news as well as the events in their desired location.

Contacting Novalja Turist agency is easier than ever! A chat box appears throughout the website. If users ever encounter a problem or if they have a question, they can quickly and easily connect to a representative through a chat window.


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