23 Oct 2019

Marco Polo Tourist Agency – an ambitious digital journey


About Marco Polo – Tourist Agency

One of the first tourist agencies in Istria which in 1989 opened its doors in region of Medulin – one of the most popular tourists’ destinations in Croatia. Now, with over 25 years of experience, they managed to acquire many satisfied guests and many of property owners who showed trust in giving them their properties for booking management.


Top-of-the-game solution

The tourist agency located in such a popular place as Medulin, really needs to be at the top of its booking game. And that means to attract the potential guest with flawless online booking. What is more, with such an ambitious name as Marco Polo, it needs to offer an equally ambitious digital journey. This is where Hexis steps in and grants all the booking wishes.




Direct booking and powerful CRM module

The website is powered by direct booking system and equipped with CRM module if the agency wants to send birthday wishes to their guests or thank them for coming. And of course they want to!



Special treat for the administrators

After a lovely stay and a safe trip home, the system automatically sends the guests a request to rate and comment on their accommodation. This is optional for the guests but it can improve the agency’s service in the future. Before publishing, the administrator can check the comment for explicit content and approve (or cancel) it.

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