17 Oct 2019

HexaEvent, Event Planner App – Networking has never been more effective

Event Planner App – Helpful to all

HexaEvent is an event planner app that offers the participants a multifunctional tool for networking according to the interests they input. With it’s design adjusted to the cutting-edge
standards the app is flexible and ready for design modifications for every kind of event.

Networking has never been more effective

By simply scanning someone’s ID badge the exhibitors and attendees get an immediate preview of participant’s keywords and can connect to the ones with mutual interests. With HexaEvent all participants receive in their inbox a list of connections they made for future collaborations.



User Centered

The story starts when the attendees get their event tickets. On their ticket there is an QR code that is essential to the whole operation. The QR code is a tool that enables quicker entrance and easier tracking. Also, the code is used to enable the exchange of “digital business cards” at the event itself through the mobile application. App Benefits for the attendees: attendees can never lose a contact, they can rate contacts and write comments within a contact they “scanned”



Focus on Promotion

The application is made to be simple and easy to use, so the exhibitors can focus on their contacts, promotion and sales. With scanning that takes just a second and good information overview its easy to organize the leads even in the heat of a big event. App Benefits for the exhibitors: company representatives can enter info about themself, the company itself and most importantly about the products and/or services the company offers. Company representatives can also enter info about potential customers and rate them.

For more information about the project click here.

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