23 Apr 2020

Looking for a Development Agency to Set Up Your Custom E-Commerce Website Quickly and Efficiently?

In these trying times where many areas of business are struggling, there are opportunities for others to prosper. One area of business that is helping economies to stay afloat is e-commerce because consumers are shifting towards online purchasing to avoid public places.

If your customers can’t find you online, they will find your competitors. Since more and more companies have a website, you will lose business because you failed to present yourself online.

To prevent this scenario, you should think about launching your e-commerce website.


Why e-commerce?

From startups to small businesses, and right to big brands, there is a huge number of companies that would profit from their e-commerce website. In today’s competitive and convenience focused society, consumers want to shop from the comfort of their homes, making e-commerce a suitable solution both for the businesses and buyers.


“Keep in mind – having an e-commerce website is not a future anymore, it is the reality of the current business”.


If you are still on the fence about launching your e-commerce website here are the top 3 reasons why you should kick off the e-commerce site:


1. Availability

Ask yourself: “How many times did I wait in line when buying certain products?”, “How many times did I look for a parking space in front of the store?”. Yes, too many times.

Your customers have the same issues so a lot of them prefer shopping onlineIn just a few clicks they can order desired products and get them to their home addresses.

An online store is available 24/7, meaning your customers can visit your store at all times, no matter what their schedule might be. That is probably the most valuable e-commerce benefit for everyone – in comparison with the classic stores with predefined working hours.

Another benefit of e-commerce is the availability of information about your products and services, e.g. size and colors of products you offer, information for customers on how to order products, frequently asked question area, etc.


2. Scalability of your business

An e-commerce site lets you scale your business following your business and your consumer’s demands: from increasing products or services range to adding more payment options and even grow when you choose to without having to move to larger premises.

Due to internet accessibility, millions of people across the world can view your website daily. The amount of people you can reach through a website is incomparable with the number of people you can reach through a physical store. In case you want to expand your business and reach out to the larger audience, with e-commerce you have many more opportunities to do so.

An optimized and well-developed website will enable you not to only achieve these goals but also to offer your customers a fast and convenient service that elevates your business.


3. Lower costs

One of the most tangible positives of e-commerce is reduced costs. Part of these reduced costs can be passed to the customers in the form of discounted prices. There are numerous ways to reduce your cost with e-commerce:

  • Personnel: automation of checkout, billing, and payment processes allows your employees to focus  more on other tasks
  • Real estate: e-commerce store does not need a noticeable (thus expensive) physical location
  • Marketing: organic search engine traffic and social media traffic are some of the advertising channels that can be cost-effective in the long run


What do we offer?

Each online store or e-commerce solution that we have built is a joint effort of our designers, developers, expert strategists and internet marketers. We make sure that our clients have fully-functional, high-performance, and user-friendly websites that customers will adore.

 From the very start of the project, our team works closely with you to develop an e-commerce solution that is tailored for your business needs and aims to generate higher traffic and sales. Our goal is to get your online store up and running quickly and efficiently.

It also looks amazing on all devices using responsive design to make sure your e-commerce company is accessible at any time, even when your consumers are “on the go”.

It’s not all about appearance, though. All of the e-commerce websites we build are as functional as they are beautiful. They include the full-featured shopping carts, product catalogs, and management-systems with wide customization options. They are also optimized to rank well on search engines, making them far more visible than the sites of your competitors.


Which CMS should I choose?

There are multiple content management systems used for building e-commerce websites. WordPress, Drupal, and Magento are excellent examples of those. Each of them stands firmly for themselves and has their own set of unique attributes that sets them apart from.

The question which is better than the other can’t be answered with utter assurance. This depends on the size of your business and your future professional plans. Although this decision seems like a struggle, you shouldn’t worry because our team of professionals will help you decide which one is most suitable for you. We’ll help you choose the solution that satisfies your immediate needs and allows growth along-side your business.

Our every booking system is essentially a custom webshop solution!


Interested in our e-commerce solution?

Looking for a development agency to set up your e-commerce website quickly and efficiently by using the right technology? Contact our team and find out more information.

We offer more than a good first impression. Our team is a long-term partner in the ongoing growth and success of your e-commerce site.


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