09 Jun 2020

Custom Booking System for a Five Star Hotel in Opatija – Design Hotel Navis


Client and project information

The Design Hotel Navis is not just another stop-off place that you visit and soon forget about. Its coordinates take you to the most beautiful destination of your travels and tell the story of a place where time stands still, Istria ends and the sea extends deepest into Croatia, and where there is inimitable style, first-class service, and fantastic cuisine.

Our pride and joy

We are extremely proud to have collaboration with one of the best hotels in the world – hotel Navis in Opatija. Since the hotel’s interior is almost as impressive as its architecture, it was only fair to make their digital identity equally flawless. We have created a custom made hotel booking system fully integrated with Navis’s website. We have built a professional design with clean lines, a lot of white space, and many images of luxurious rooms. The typeface used in this project is Work Sans.


Design hotel Navis brand typeface image

Design hotel Navis brand typeface is Work Sans

The color scheme

The color scheme used on the Design Hotel Navis website is nourishing and has a luxurious flavor to it. The primary colors are blue and a few shades of brown. We decided to use these primary colors because they are in the cool category. Those colors typically evoke emotions of professionalism and trust. This way users feel that the content presented to them is trustworthy and classy.


The color scheme used on the Design Hotel Navis website image

The color scheme used on the Design Hotel Navis website

Ease of booking

Both the website and the booking system are responsive and accommodation can be booked from mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. The aim was to make the system so smooth for the user that the booking actually serves as the proper introduction to the enjoyable stay in the hotel.


Imge of responsive website

Both the website and the booking system are responsive

Focus on guests

The platform was created specifically for the service industry and focuses on the guest (user-centric design). The highest priority is security so the system is absolutely reliable both for the user and the hotel administrators. Also, there is automatic price calculation based on the parameters of the inquiry (number of days, season, number of people, type of room), which means that the guests get immediate information about the price and the hotel staff saves time on drafting quotations.


Image of user centric design

The platform was created specifically for the service industry and it is user-centric

A blessing for the hotel staff

The hotel staff can dedicate their attention to the guest since all their booking platforms (such as, Airbnb, Atraveo, etc.) are synchronized in real-time, so there is practically no chance of double bookings. Furthermore, there is an automatic calendar closing feature, which means that the moment the guest confirms the booking for a room, it becomes unavailable to the rest of the users on all platforms. Naturally, the calendar can be deactivated manually as well.


Image of Website on mobile

The website looks terrific both on desktop and mobile devices


The features we discussed in this article were essential for Hotel Navis, but it doesn’t mean that your needs are the same. It’s up to you to come up with the necessary functionalities on your website and our job is to convert them into digital reality.

If you are looking for a strong development and design team or you have some questions for us, give our team a shout! Or browse through our services.

We look forward to helping your businesses grow through digital excellence.

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