30 Jul 2020

10 Marketing Tips for Social Media

Social media marketing has been developing through out the last decade. Today, it’s one of the key marketing tools for most businesses. Because more and more businesses are establishing their social media presence every day, it causes algorithms to change more frequently than ever. That is why it has never been more difficult to reach your audience.

For that reason, in this post, we will be explaining:

  • The importance social media marketing usage
  • 10 useful tips for publishing and advertising on social media.

Why is it of great value to implement social media marketing to your business?

Customer behaviour has changed; nowadays consumers search for online reviews on blogs and Youtube, or get inspired on Instagram. After their research websites from which they can buy a product or a service.

Creating a brand image of your brand on social media is of great importance. It will help you reach new clients, provide your clients with special offers, additional information about your services or products, whilst offering them free content. Social media is used to send messages and informations to the consumers, rather than allowing others to do that for you. In case your business doesn’t have an online presence, the chances of your potential clients finding your competitors are very high.

Another advantage of social media marketing its low price tag. Social media promotion is way cheaper than any tv commercial or a billboard. It is more effective because it reaches your targeted group. There are other options when promoting your products or services on social media, such as hiring an influencer who will promote it. Influencer is someone with the power of affecting the purchasing decisions of others, due of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience.

10 useful tips for Social media marketing

In this part we will be covering 10 useful tips for advertising on social media. These tips are perfect if you are just starting to create your social media platforms for your business.

1. Establish your goals

As in every aspect of your business, it is of great importance to set your goals for the foreseeable future. Social media will not only help you create brand awareness, but it  can also attract new customers, encourage conversions to your website, offer discounts and create a community. Define which of these goals would you like to achieve, and act upon them.

2. Create a social media strategy

When creating your social media strategy, take into consideration which social media channels are you going to be using. Social media strategy also applies to planning future content, up to six months in advance. When creating content, you don’t need a big budget to create quality posts. By using free image web sites such as Unsplash or Picnoi you can save up on hiring a professional photographer, and with image creating websites such as Canva or Photopea you can create your own images with ease.

3. Provide free content

Providing free content for your consumers, in a form of a blog is a great way to give value to your customers. Giving free advice or information on topics related to your services, showing different ways customers can use your products, will make your customers even more interested in your products or services. By providing them with something for free, will give customers more confidence to buy your products or services. Connecting your social media posts with the content you are offering on your website is very important. Social media accounts allow you to attract viewers to your website, and create an online community. In case you still don’t have an idea how do you want your website to look like, you can check out some of our recent projects.

4. Build a community

Communicating with your audience, creating special offers for your loyal customers, receiving feedback on your products or services, are some ways that will help you create an online community. Creating an emotional connection with your customers, providing them with customer service and being responsive will grow your online community. Because people like being a part of something, this will create a great brand image and awareness. Have in mind that this is a long term process, and requires a lot of work and effort.

Social- media-community

Creating an online community

5. Post regularly

Having a unique content and posting it regularly on social media sites will increase your reach and following . Also, it will allow you to get more customers. What  you need to have in mind is that your followers will expect content all the time. Customers need to be reminded of you constantly! That is why you need to deliver, if you want to keep their attention.

6. Hire a social media manager

Maintaining social media platforms is a lot of work. Hiring a social media manager is a great way to know if you are doing things right. Qualities you should look for in a social media manager are: good organisational and time management skills, innovative and creative, whilst having excellent communication skills.



Social media manager

7. Be patient

Social media marketing takes time. Your following will not grow over night; hard work, listening and interacting with your audience and posting regularly will result in success. Trying out new things and seeing how your audience will react to it is key. That will help you to know what you should and shouldn’t post.

8. Promote yourself

Paid advertising can be a great asset when attracting new customers. Its low price tag, ability to reach your target audience and attract new customers will be of great value to you. Research your targeted audience before creating a paid add; this will save you a lot of money.

9. Hire influencers

In case you want to advertise through an ambassador of your brand of an influencer this is an opportunity to increase your sales. Before having a collaboration with someone, first set a budget for this kind of advertising. Every influencer will give you an offer for their services. The amount will depend on these things such as: duration of the collaboration, the amount of content posted and the budget you are willing to offer for them. Don’t be surprised on the prices influencers offer; the prices form based on the following, engagement rate etc.

10. Measure your results

During this whole time it is important to measure your results.

Using analytics will be of great importance to see if you are doing a good job or not. The numbers will show you if are making headway or not, how did you grow over time, on which posts do people react the most and much more. This aspect is also important when you are making  monthly, semiannual or annual reports.

Our favourite analytics tools are Screaming frog, Hootsuite and Google Analytics.

In case you are in need of a social media management services, feel free to contact us.

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