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Website Redesign for Krevatin Tourist Agency from Novigrad, Istria

Website Redesign for Krevatin Tourist Agency from Novigrad, Istria

Did you know that a poorly designed website can hurt conversion and sales? An unattractive website deserves a website redesign in order to prevent people from leaving your site.

No matter what your company size or industry is, it is important to approach redesign strategically. Explore what is not working, define your priorities, expectations, and goals.

Our latest project was a website redesign of the Krevatin Tours Agency from Novigrad. A primary goal was to make a user-friendly and visually-friendly website in order to induce conversions and provide a better user experience.

Few words about Krevatin Tourist Agency

Krevatin Tourist Agency is located in Novigrad, a small town on the western coast of Istria, between Poreč and Umag. During the summer, due to its natural beauties, rich cultural and eno-gastronomic offer and many accommodation facilities, Novigrad is abundant with liveliness and spirit of a true Mediterranean village.

Stay in Novigrad can be complemented by sports and recreation, a rich eno-gastronomic offer, organized excursions, tours of cultural-historical sites or a simple enjoying on one of Novigrad’s beaches. Novigrad will conquer you with its simplicity and tradition that is still visible today in the everyday life of its citizens. Novigrad´s surroundings offer numerous opportunities for entertainment: have fun in the Istralandia water park, visit the natural beauties, some of the medieval towns in the inland of Istria or the towns on the coast.

What were the objectives of the Krevatin Tourist Agency website redesign?

The main objectives of the website redesign were to:

  • enable easier browsing and to help users find relevant content faster by improving site architecture
  • create more user-friendly and more visually appealing brand story
  • improve SEO performance
Body image 1

When we started designing the Krevatin agency’s new website we decided to follow the “less is more” approach. The color scheme is based on their existing logo which includes orange and blue as primary colors. We also used bold typography in order to create a site that is clean and usable.

Our primary goal was to showcase the accommodation images and to guide users to get the information they need in order to encourage conversion.

Body image 2

Bringing it together

The new Krevatin Tourist Agency website brings its brand story to life through improved home and accommodation pages, as well as blog posts pages that are important for SEO purposes.

Blogging is important for SEO because it helps with important ranking factors. Our SEO team members update the Krevatin blog page with content that is high in quality and on topics relevant to their users. This way website stays fresh, users tend to stay longer on the website and it helps with connecting with your audience.

A custom contact form and intuitive search capabilities were developed for easier conversion and better user experience.

Body image 3

Today, visitors of the Krevatin Tourist Agency website get a customized consumer experience that matches the client’s brand, both visually and textually. Users can get anywhere on the site in just three-clicks and with multiple opportunities to convert and to get in contact with the agency.

Body image 4

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to contact our team members and you’ll get an answer as soon as possible.

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